About Roger

Roger Jacques has over 17 years of experience creating information systems and databases. During this time he has served in the roles of managing director for a team of consultants, senior architect for information systems built for fortune 100 companies, technical project manager, and programmer. The breadth and depth of his experience enables him to provide excellent value and efficiency on projects of all sizes.

How I Work

When you choose Roger Jacques Consulting for your next software project, you get my personal involvement and my assurance of the best possible outcome. I never hand off a project to a junior team member, nor do I ever outsource my projects.

All of my projects begin with a research and design phase. Projects come in all sizes and levels of complexity. The research and design phase can take one hour, one year, or anywhere in between, depending on the exact circumstances. The key to this phase is to have just enough clarity and documentation to proceed without exposing your project to undue risk.

Once we have a plan, we can establish a budget to write the code and test the application that we are building. If your project is small, I’ll fulfill all of the roles and get the work done for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your project is large, I’ll assemble an appropriately sized team that will work at my direction, in order to finish the work in a timely manner.

At every step of the way, you’ll be directly involved in the process. Using state of the art tools for communication, and best practices gleaned from years of experience, you’ll be completely informed of status for milestone progress, schedule, and budget.

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